Pelham fire Department Vandalised

Greg Beaulieu

By Greg Beaulieu

My name is Greg Beaulieu. I am a lieutenant with the Pelham Fire Department. I am stationed at fire hall number 2 located at 766 Welland Road in Fenwick. As you no doubt know this is a brand new facility that only opened its doors last summer. It is a wonderful facility that is fully capable of supporting the needs of the fire department, now and in the future. We at station 2 are very proud of our facility and we have been very diligent in maintaining it in pristine condition.
That is why we were so disappointed to discover that the hall was vandalised over the weekend. Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning unknown parties spray painted large portions of the fire hall in yellow paint. They damaged the back and the two sides, sparing the front.
Needless to say we were utterly disappointed when we discovered what these cowards had done. The hall is tucked back from the road and is often used as an access point into Centennial Park so seeing people walking past it would normally not be of concern. Moreover, people could easily hang out there and not be seen from the road. These cowards damaged not only the hall but they have damaged the community they live in. They have sent a very clear message stating that they don't care about their community or its infrastructure. Unfortunately for them they have also said that they care very little about themselves.
The matter was reported to the police. I have no doubt that they will check to see if there is any video surveillance and whether it was functioning at the time of the incident. However, I have been a police officer myself for over 13 years and I know the great difficulty in trying to solve these types of crimes. I know it will be difficult. That is partly why I am writing to you. I am hoping you will find this an appropriate story and place an article in your paper. This will hopefully accomplish two things. First, it will make the community aware of what is happening. Secondly, it might initiate some kind of a tip that will help the police to solve the matter.
I appreciate your consideration in this matter and if you have any questions I can be reached in the following ways:
(905) 892 9689 home (905) 327 4383 cell (905) 688 4111 ext. 5134 work

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